Personal or network computers, as well as servers, data centers and industrial equipments are vital for companies. Electrical disturbances and power supply problems are likely to damage installations and disturb an organisation. INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM devices offer its customers a complete power protection system.

  •  UPS

  •  Surge protectors

  •  Universal Chargers for PC or Apple Macbook

  •  Waterproof bags dedicated to smartphones (iPhone, Androïd, BlackBerry) & Tablets (7” & 10”)

INFOSEC UPS System meets corporate and private needs by offering an appropriate solution to every situation:

  • Hardware protection thanks to INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM surge protectors, UPS, universal chargers & waterproof bags.

  • Data protection thanks to the automatic shutdown software.

  • Efficient after sale service.

  • Optimised product warranties: up to 2 years for UPS and up to lifetime warranties for surge protectors.


INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM brand is represented in more than 90 countries throughout the world thanks to 3 distribution channels specialized in Electricity, computer equipment, and finally retail.

Its R&D department and its French headquarters permanently study market trends in order to design and offer its customers products that benefits from the very best technologies regarding power protection.

To choose INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM is to ensure total protection to your hardware equipment and strategic data.


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