We are here to ensure you increase you corporate intellectual property with ours, and help all along the bottom line within your organization.

We shall endeavor to ensure you have a complete in depth knowledge on how you can give a Turnkey key end to end solution to a customer of yours with these technologies.

We shall assist in good engineer training, good customer support, good method to go to market, and very good sustainable price for value, dependability and best of class advantage.


We shall assist “any project” within the scope of our intellectual property in convergence of the products we promote in particular where a full design for a new project is required.


Assisting in understanding Core Vertical Markets in your country and work with your strengths to address identified vertical markets to increase your market share.

Vendor Channel

To assist in reaching vendor certification program for your company.

Pre/Post Sales Support

Assisting in devising proper systems within your organisation to ensure a sales and marketing methodology, ensuring customers can have a SLA/EMC, manage by proper CRM application.


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Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa

Tel: +254 41 2228292/ 722414432

P.O Box 80530,
80100, Mombasa, Kenya.