Access control systems (solutions) have today migrated in most cases from the old Analogue system to an IP Based system.

What is an IP System

Effectively an IP Based System is

similarly to that of a computer Networked

system (allowing different computers to

communicate with each other) which

uses an IP address to recognize the

Hardware on that particular Network

and its location.

Access control Hardware are therefore

managed on a Network connected via a

switch enabling them to allow physical

Access info Premises, Building

campuses etc with different methods.

These various Access control

Hardware systems available today for

Logging ‘’in’’ for example include:

1) Key pad system – Punching of correct sequence of number/letters

Biometric Systems: Different Modes today include eg

a) Finger Print

b)Vein Reader

c)Iris Reader

d)Facial Recognition Access 

2) Card/Magnetic strip – Proximity cards allowing for swiping against a Reader


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